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Build your Dream Space with fast, reliable ModRoof

We understand your time is valuable.

Wouldn't you love to spend your time:

thinking about growth at workspace,

or creating well designed spaces for your clients, or creating memories with your family?

Why spend time on construction hassle: follow-ups, quality assurance, delays!

Choose ModRoof. Save time. Achieve growth and happiness.

ModRoof is one-of-its-kind modular roofing system,

that is lightweight, fast-to-install  yet  load bearing.

No cement, water are needed as the system is factory made.

Hence customers have a hassle-free experience.

Why ModRoof?

ModRoof is the most tested roofing product:

Undergone 750+ tests and evaluations.

Trusted by 600+ customers across India.

01 Strength
02 Water Proofing
03 Light Weight
04 Fast Installation
05 Green
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