Modroof is a modular roofing system for slums and village homes, schools, hospitals and other structures.

The main component of the roofing system is panels that are custom manufactured from packaging and agriculture waste. To address the challenges of operating in the developing world, Re-Materials designed the roofing system to be modular allowing easy shipment, installation, and replacement of individual panels. With its fresh and colorful appearance, Modroof is aesthetically appealing, making it a truly aspirational product.


Modroof panels are made to be strong, waterproof, fireproof, and long-lasting, which improves safety and decreases maintenance.


Modroof is a low-cost and easy-to-install system with attractive payment plans available through top micro-finance companies.


Modroof is made from custom developed materials with more than 90% recyclability at the end of life.



Modroof homes are cooler in the summer, dry and quiet in monsoon season, and overall higher-quality living spaces all year round.